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Ask me anything   I'm Rachel and I'm a 23 year old Media and Communications (Journalism) graduate from Birmingham City University.

I'm a complete and utter sports tragic and I love rugby union (Leicester Tigers, Moseley, ACT Brumbies, England) and cricket (Warwickshire and England) the most, but I adore Richard Gasquet when it comes to tennis and Team Sky when it comes to cycling.

I also love photography, television (my god I'm such a telly nut), reading, baking, writing letters, music, wine, travelling and a good quote.

    Suits 2x07

    Louis:[to Mike] You've been assigned by the judge to help me in pretty boy's trial
    Harvey:Ah look at that he thinks I'm pretty
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    Harvey:He's all yours.
    Louis:Why the sudden change of mind?
    Harvey:Does it matter?
    Louis:You're punishing him, aren't you?
    Louis:So you're saying working for me is a punishment?
    Harvey:As far as I'm concerned this whole conversation is a punishment.
    Mike:Oh here we go.
    Harvey:One case.
    Louis:What can I do to him?
    Harvey:What do you wanna do to him?
    Mike:That is not a legitimate answer.
    Harvey:Under the boundaries of labour law.
    Louis:I prefer the Geneva Convention.
    Harvey:Then we have a deal.
    Mike:I think I need a sick day.
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    Wait, she knows. And you know she knows, and you’re joking about my life? What the hell is wrong with you?

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    Patrick J. Adams looking beautiful and stubbly
(Plus the three piece suit just screams Harvey Specter)

    Patrick J. Adams looking beautiful and stubbly

    (Plus the three piece suit just screams Harvey Specter)

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    Gabriel Macht - a definite candidate for fyeahforearms

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    Donna: Speak of the devil, her majesty’s here to see you.

    Louis: I heard that.

    Donna: You were meant to.

    Louis: Gentlemen.

    Harvey: Your highness.

    Louis: Okay, you know what? That’s exactly why I’m here.

    Harvey: To be mocked?

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